Quality Policy

The management of Specialized Electrical Pty Ltd have defined and documented the following commitment with respect to quality.

It is the objective of Specialized Electrical to provide a safe, efficient and skilled service that exceeds our customers’ requirements conforming to Australian standards, relevant codes and contractual requirements. We do this by attracting the most competent employees and seeking out to use the most reputable, high quality subcontractors and suppliers.

To meet this objective Specialized Electrical have implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard ISO 9001. By implementing and maintaining this quality management system our customers can be assured that the work completed by Specialized Electrical will be of a consistently high standard.

The management of Specialized Electrical are committed to the implementation and maintenance of this quality management system and will;

Use the disciplines of ISO 9001 to develop and maintain the quality management system

Use PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT concept for the continual improvement of the quality management system and to satisfy customer requirements.

Encourage our employees and subcontractors to integrate quality management in the way they work and aim to improve the overall quality of the companies services.

Document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audits and management reviews

Foster a positive relationship with customers by effective communications and encouraging feedback

All employees are responsible for adhering to these objectives and by doing so the customers of Specialized Electrical will be assured of an excellent standard of service.

Management have the ultimate responsibility to maintain the quality policy which will be reviewed annually. Management shall ensure all personnel are given adequate information and training to enable their duties to be undertaken with a consistent standard of quality.
— Document Number: MS014 Document Name: Quality Policy Version: 2 Release Date: 28-MAR-2019