Railway Installations and Infrastructure

Installations and Infrastructure

Conduit and Pit Installations

Concrete Pad Installation

Infrastructure – Protective Building Erections

Refurbishment of Existing Rail Infrastructure

Overhead Line Works

Rail Signal works Dubbo

Signals and Communication

Level Crossing Renewal and Upgrade Construction and Commissioning and Associated Signalling

Underboring Services

Installation of Electrical, Signalling and Communications Systems

Maintenance of Electrical, Signalling and Communications Systems

Location of Existing Services

Railway Maintenance and Installation Electrical Services Dubbo


Yard Maintenance

Construction, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

General Maintenance Activities (As Identified)

Underground Conduits and Cable

Earthworks – Trenching and Excavation

Railway Electric system testing Dubbo


Design, Testing and Commissioning

Decommissioning / Construction / Testing

Electrical Testing

Fiber Optic Testing

Wooden / Steel Pole Base, Testing and Replacement

Professional Vacuum Extraction and Cable Location (Soft Excavation Pot Holing Services )

Rail Technical Services

Railway Technical Services

AC and DC Power Supply

Data Cabling

Fiber Optic cable installation and Maintenance

Cable Jointing and Earth Fault Locating and Repairs

Overhead Wiring, Pole Systems and Structures