Residual Current Devices

residual current device RCD

A residual current device (RCD) monitors the flow of electricity.

It is designed to immediately switch the electricity off when there is electricity 'leaking’ to earth at a harmful level to a person using that piece of equipment.

A RCD gives you a high level of personal protection from electric shock and also reduces the risk of fire in your workplace.

There are three types of RCDs:

Switchboard RCDs offer the most complete form of protection by monitoring the circuits from the switchboard to electrical socket outlets and appliances. Switchboard RCDs can only be installed by a licensed electrician.

Powerpoint RCDs consist of RCD protection inbuilt into a fixed socket outlet to provide protection to equipment plugged into the outlet. Powerpoint RCDs can only be installed by a licensed electrician.

Portable RCDs are plugged into a fixed socket and are suitable for monitoring appliances in high-risk areas such as workshops, outdoor areas or damp locations. They should be used where RCD protection is not already provided or is unknown.